St. Mark's Episcopal Church


Our parish is located the eastern portion of Oneida County near the border of Herkimer County. The area is known as Central New York and by the name of Leatherstoking Country which probably originated from James Fenimore Cooper's books; "The Leatherstocking Tales" and "The Last of the Mohigans".  The village takes it's name from the Clark mill that fabricated fabrics used in the Civil War.  The location of the church is near the banks of the Oriskany Creek which runs into the Mohawk River.  It is part of the foothills of the Adirondack, home of many lakes, mountains and scenic trails.


The overall area goes back to the Native Americans who inhabited the area.  It was originally part of the Iroquois Confederation and it is home to the Oneida Nation.  The Mohawk River provided a major transportation route for early settlement.  The Erie Canal helped greatly to the development of the area and New York State as a whole.  It began on July 4, 1817 in nearby Rome.  The area is near the trail used by General Herkimer and his troops as they traveled to the relief of Fort Stanwix during the American Revolutionary War. A battle took place near the Oneida village of Oriska when they were ambushed by Tories, British troops and their Native American allies.  It is called the bloodiest battle of the war.  A monument stands in nearby Oriskany in honor of those who fought there.


The Greater Utica Area has a humid climate with cold winters and moderate summers.  Snow falls average nearly 99".  High temperature in summer are generally between 75 and 85 degrees.  Daytime lows in winter are usually at ot just above freezing and drop to 10 to 20 degrees and sometimes colder at night.


The area has a variety of activities and events to satisfy the interest of almost everybody.  There is the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, the Children's Museum, the Sculpture Space, the Stanley Center for the Arts, the Utica Symphony, Utica Zoo, an extensive park system with a ski slope, and the Utica Club Brewery. For those who enjoy outdoor activities there is the 15K Boilermaker Race, the Falling Leaves Road Race, America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk, the Munson William Proctor Institute's Sidewalk Art Festival and the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  The Baseball Hall of Fame is in nearby Cooperstown and the Boxing Hall of Fame close by and the Fort Stanwix National Historical Site in Rome.